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CCB to extend 6.8 billion credit to overseas Chinese enterprises

Updated:2020-03-06 08:43:56


In the afternoon of March 4, Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and China Construction Bank Hunan branch (hereinafter referred to as "CCB Hunan") signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, CCB Hunan will arrange about 6.8 billion Yuan of intentional financing, which will be used to provide public financial services to overseas Chinese enterprises, units and new overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship personnel, as well as provide exclusive personal financial services to overseas Chinese. More financial support measures would be provided for small, medium and micro enterprises in the overseas Chinese community affected by the epidemic, to help overseas enterprises to tide over the difficulties, and help the sustainable and healthy development of the provincial economy.

Huang Fang, secretary of the party committee and vice chairman of Hunan FOC, pointed out that there were about 1.2 million returned overseas Chinese, their relatives and overseas Chinese in Hunan. As they are affected by the epidemic, many small, medium and micro enterprises of overseas Chinese are also affected. Huang aid that CCB Hunan and Hunan FOC fully carry out bank-enterprise cooperation to help ooverseas Hunaness achieve common resources and win-win cooperation.

Wen Aihua, head of CCB hHunan, said that CCB Hunan will take the sign up as an opportunity to employ the state-owned big line resource advantage, brand advantage and financial technology advantage, hand in hand with FOC, pour together tto create the safe, efficient and reliable overseas intelligence service platform, to build high quality, warm and convenient "home of Chinese characteristic service", to help understand to, return to work and production power concerning enterprises, for overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese and the family members of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese enterprises to provide better and more comprehensive integrated financial and non-financial services.

In 2020, CCB Hunan and will substantially launch cooperation projects such as "Hunan FOC wisdom service platform", "home of overseas Chinese characteristic service area" and "assisting overseas Chinese information investigation". While providing financial services for overseas Chinese enterprises and individuals, CCB aims to "continuously provide service quality for returned overseas Chinese, family members of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese", and give full play to their respective resource advantages and professional advantages to provide more comprehensive and personalized comprehensive services for overseas Chinese enterprises and individuals.