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A letter to overseas Hunaness

Updated:2020-03-06 08:45:06

Dear overseas Chinese from hunan,,

Since the new crown pneumonia outbreak, Hunan province earnestly implement the CPC Central Committee decision deployment and work instructions spirit on new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development by Xi Jinping general secretary. By building up confidence, precise policy , scientifical control, in the epidemic prevention and control, life in Hunan is stable, production and society is orderly, to promote economic and social development.

For more than a month, the majority of overseas Chinese from Hunan have been devoted to their hometown, donating funds and materials, assisting in procurement, and building a new unit to fight against the epidemic in Hunan with great love. We are deeply moved by the kindness of the overseas Chinese and community.

But the outbreak is not over. In recent days, the new crown pneumonia epidemic spread abroad, especially in South Korea, Italy, Japan, Iran and other countries increasingly serious. We always care about the overseas folks! Here, we hope that overseas Hunaness:

1. Strengthen the awareness of epidemic prevention and control and self-protection, and pay close attention to the epidemic situation in China and the host countries. Overseas Chinese groups should show their responsibility, be united and friendly to each other, and help them prepare materials for epidemic prevention, respond scientifically and take active precautions. Overseas Chinese should actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control measures in their host countries, strengthen their own protection, minimize their visits to crowded places and severe epidemic areas, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash their hands, disinfect and ventilate frequently, and avoid panic by all means. In case of emergency, please seek help from local authorities and contact the Chinese diplomatic and consular missions. If the outbreak further develops, the health and safety of Chinese citizens overseas will be seriously threatened. I believe the Chinese government will take effective measures. Please pay close attention to relevant information.

2. If you return to China recently, please take protective measures during the whole journey. After entering the country, please comply with the local prevention and control regulations and cooperate with the inspection and quarantine work and prevention and control measures according to the requirements of the place of entry and residence. If there is any difficulty after returning to xiang, please contact us and we will try our best to help solve it.


overseas Chinese office of the provincial government:

Chen Yaling

(86)0731-82688311, celphone (86)13908469263,

Hunan FOC:

Wang Junyi

(86)0731-84442319, celphone (86)18670305657

3, if you have fever, cough and other suspected symptoms, please at the first time contact with the resident community (village) committee, street or reception units, the hotel report, do not hide the condition or contact history, do immediate detection, immediate report, immediate isolation, and immediate treatment.

Hunan people at home and abroad share the same breath, common destiny. Facing current difficulties, we share weal and woe. The overseas Chinese affairs office of the province, Hunan FOC and the people in hometown have always been helping each other in times of difficulties.

Overseas Chinese affairs office of the provincial government

Hunan FOC

March 4, 2020