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Jialiya resume quality stable production under the pidemic

Updated:2020-03-06 12:35:01



Located in Taoyuan high-tech zone, Changde city, Hunan Jialiya new materials co., ltd. battle on epidemic prevention and promotingresumption, with accurate and effective epidemic prevention measures.

On January 23, hearing the news of the epidemic, the company immediately informed all the staff to make preparations for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Meanwhile, the company held a teleconference with senior executives to formulate the epidemic prevention and control plan in advance and set up a special class for epidemic prevention and control. Since January 28, the factory staff decided to practise "anti-isolation" by strict implementation of the "only in and out".

On February 5th, Jialiya organized more than 100 local employees in Taoyuan and non-local employees who stayed in Taoyuan and had no history of going out to resume part of the production. The company disinfected production workshops, offices, meeting rooms and hallways every day, took temperature readings for employees entering and leaving the workshops, and distributed masks to employees. The catering hall adopted the dislocated meal division system, minimized the staff gathering. In addition, the company has arranged a dormitory as an isolated observation room in case of emergency.

In the second half of 2019, Jialiya decided to gradually upgrade the existing equipment and facilities, and planned to invest more than 90 million yuan to implement two sets of roasting system technical renovation projects in two phases. After the completion of the project, each year will be able to achieve energy saving, cost reduction and efficiency of more than 15 million yuan.

Affected by the epidemic, the progress of the technical renovation is lagging behind. the price of raw materials, spare parts and transportation uncertainties increase. To solve above problems, the company immediately deployed close communication with customers, to restore production as soon as possible, minimize cost, at the same time and the raw material supplier, transportation units, construction units and foreign customers to connect, insure products effective supply, transportation channels unblocked, construction period, reduce the export products, timely receiving and settlement payment for goods, guarantee the production chain and stable operation, push promoting production.

On March 3, in Jialiya, a total of 197 people return to work. Currently, the company has a pre-baked anode capacity of about 6,700 tons/month and a surplus heat generation capacity of about 2.4 million KWH/month.