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Volunteers of Hunan FOC visited the families of medical staffs on frontline

Updated:2020-03-09 14:45:16

On March 6, Hunan provincial Cultural office, provincial Caixin Public Welfare Foundation and provincial Welfare Lottery center jointly launched the public welfare activity "twilight justice · salute angels in white" in Changsha. Hunan FOC formed a volunteer service team of 4 party members.

First-line medical staff are the most beautiful retrovers in the battle against the epidemic, and silently dedicated family members are the most strong backing of front-line medical workers. The volunteer team of the overseas Chinese federation visited the family members of the medical staff attached to the second Xiangya Hospital and delivered the condolatory package. During the process of condolence, the volunteers of FOC had a cordial talk with the family members of the medical staff to learn more about their family life and their existing difficulties, and expressed their care and respect to the medical workers on the frontline against the epidemic.