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Overseas Hunaness fought against epidemic in residence

Updated:2020-03-16 13:05:12

The new pneumonia epidemic continues to spread around the world, with more than 50,000 cases confirmed in more than 120 countries and regions outside China. The overseas Chinese who have been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic in their ancestral country and helping in the prevention and control of the epidemic have been aware of the epidemic. Now they stay in their residence to fight against the epidemic, and it has become a consensus to rationally apply the Chinese experience.

"We have organized and mobilized 20 volunteers from hunan to take part in the work of answering the epidemic prevention hotline, checking and registration of personnel, psychological consultation, refuting rumors of the epidemic, and temporary rescue, and the voluntary hotlines are kept open for 24 hours." In the interview, Qi Xiangbai, President of the Brazilian Hunan Fellow Association, was busy setting up a volunteer organization in downtown Sao Paulo.

Qi said the situation in Brazil was getting worse, with the number of confirmed cases in Sao Paulo rising to 137 within three days.

In addition to setting up a volunteer organization and purchasing 100,000 masks in advance for distribution to each villager, the association also set up a temporary assistance station in the club, responsible for the distribution of epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing and the temporary purchase of urgently needed daily supplies.

"The epidemic in China has been effectively controlled thanks to various' hardcore 'prevention and control measures." Qi hoped to apply the Chinese experience, for nearly 300 members to provide anti-epidemic services and protection, let everyone eliminate panic, enhance confidence, and overcome difficulties.

Traditional Chinese medicine in prevention and mitigation of new pneumonia disease in light has been verified in China. Dr Qiu Xuecheng, the Hunaness association president of the Netherland, opening 30 years of traditional Chinese medicine clinic in the Netherlands, immediately prescribed a TCM prescription to stay the overseas Chinese in Europe.

The British Hunan Fellow Association contacted eight TCM doctors who had settled in the UK, and jointly opened the WeChat group of new crown pneumonia diagnosis and treatment, providing online consultation and diagnosis and treatment answering questions. In addition, they urgently purchased a batch of masks and distributed them to students in the UK for free. "Excessive panic must not be allowed to disrupt our game before the virus is imminent." "Said Lili Wu, President of the association.

Yuan Zuwen, CEO of Australia's ABC global group, whose ancestral home is Changde, Hunan province, wrote an article introducing China's epidemic prevention measures for the association members.

Since the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, the relevant information of reminders in the WeChat group of Hunaness Association of Germany has almost never been interrupted. "The China experience,such as working from home, can provide timely guidance on effective personal protection." Li Xianqiu, president of the association, told reporters that with the number of confirmed cases in Germany increasing, some Chinese-funded enterprises and institutions in Germany have been working from home, and the association has called on its members to go outside as little as possible.

Despite discussions among overseas Chinese about whether to return to China, Li Xianqiu believes that the situation in China has just improved and it is not the best choice to go back now. "On the basis of better personal protection and less travel, it is also important to have a rational view of the epidemic and comply with local regulations."(Translation:Yan kun)