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Huang Juanjuan: spread Huagu opera to all countries

Updated:2020-03-17 13:05:52


Huang Juanjuan, who comes from a theatrical family, has been learning to speak in rehearsals and toddling on the stage since childhood. The theatre bears all the happiness of her childhood. When she grew up, Huang entered Hunan Art school and became an actor in Hunan Huagu Opera Theater after graduation.

In order to better interpret in different characters with different personalities, Huang paid special attention to and experienced life in her daily life, capturing the characters with distinct characteristics and applying them to the corresponding roles. After more than 20 years of study, Huang has grown from a "opera fan" to a national first-class actor and won many awards.

In 2000, Huang moved to New Zealand with her family and lived a happy life. With the passage of time, huagu opera gradually disappeared from her life. Because of deep love from heart, in 2004, Huang with her toddler kid came back to Changsha, and continued to perform huagu opera. "Doing what you love with someone you like is a special blessing." "Huang said emotionally.

Huang felt that huagu opera could not only be sung to Chinese people, but also to overseas Chinese and foreigners.

In 2015, under the organization of Hunan FOC, Huang performed in Russia as a main member of the overseas Chinese heart art troupe. Since then, she has performed in cultural exchanges in Russia, Sweden, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand and Japan on behalf of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese. She took the initiative to contact and organize the performance group to perform in the UK and Poland. In the next stage, Huang will go to Botswana, Zambia and Kenya to perform in sympathy, so that more overseas Chinese and foreign friends can experience the unique charm of Hunan art and culture.