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Liu Qian: spreading Chinese culture in Argentina

Updated:2020-03-20 14:36:22

Liu Qian is the executive chairman of Argentine federation of Chinese culture and art, the Chinese chairman of Argentine-Chinese culture and business club, and the overseas member of Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese.

Known as the first person to spread Chinese culture in Argentina, Liu Qian has been a household name in Argentina since 1991, when she co-founded the TV program "China 5000 years" with berfer, the largest media group in Argentina.

In 2010, Liu Qian was invited by the Shanghai world expo to serve as a regional security adviser for South America. The Chinese embassy in Argentina repeatedly recommended her to participate in various important activities organized by the overseas Chinese affairs office of the state council and the China federation of overseas Chinese.

Over the years, she has devoted herself to spreading Chinese culture in Argentina, such as Chinese culture, art, traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese health care, which has been widely reported by local media. Next, she will introduce hunan's cultural tourism industry, local customs and other aspects in Argentina.