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Chinese who stayed in Cambodia to fight against the "epidemic"

Updated:2020-03-23 14:39:54

Ye Wei, who has been busy shuttailing friends back to China from the airport for several days, told China News Agency on Tuesday that Cambodia is his second home and he would stay to defend it. Ye left Hunan for Cambodia in 1997 and is currently the general manager of Phnom penh Weishuo Advertising Decoration Design Company. Ye said China is at a critical juncture in the fight against imported outbreaks, and the risk of cross-infection during travel should not add antmore chaos. Ye said he believes local government can lead the people to defeat the epidemic.

As executive director of the Cambodian federation of overseas Chinese businessmen, Ye said another meaning of staying behind is not to cause panic among fellow Chinese. In addition, his company can make warning signs for the local government for free, and cooperate with the local government to promote the prevention of the epidemic.

Qi Jianbing, who came to Cambodia in 2007 to work in the household industry, is the executive vice President of Cambodia Hunan overseas Chinese business association. He told reporters that loving Cambodia and loving the country cannot be just an empty promise. Phnom penh has not been sealed off, so they need to think about the livelihood of local workers and not add chaos in the joint fight against the epidemic.

Liu zhuo, chairman of Cambodia-China international cold chain supply co., LTD., which was engaged in Chinese food distribution in Cambodia in 1995, and the Cambodian federation of Hunan overseas Chinese businessmen, told reporters that more than 100 tons of food, including noodles, condiments, biscuits and frozen food, were urgently dispatched to Cambodia to ensure the local market demand after China resumed production and production. He says the best the company can do in the face of the outbreak is to ensure supplies as much as possible.

Ai Shengfu, general manager of Cambodia lifu boiler machinery co., LTD and President of Cambodia hunan overseas Chinese business association, said that the company has more than 100 Cambodian employees and believes in the anti-epidemic efforts of the Cambodian government and is willing to stay behind to help China and Cambodia jointly fight the epidemic.

Ding Zhe, general manager of cosco shipping (Cambodia) co LTD, told reporters that 99 percent of the company's employees are cambodians and the biggest worry is that the company will be shut down. The company actively responded to the call of the Cambodian government, upgraded the prevention and control, and encouraged the staff to work from home. This will strengthen the confidence of the Chinese and Cambodian governments to see Cambodia win the battle against the outbreak.

Cambodian prime minister has repeatedly said the government has the ability to prevent the spread of the disease, but what is more frightening than the outbreak is rumors and panic. A total of 51 confirmed cases of covid-19 have been confirmed in Cambodia, most of them imported, the Cambodian ministry of health said Monday. Cambodia has suspended the entry of people from Italy, Germany, Spain, France, the United States, Iran, Vietnam and other countries.(Translation:Yan kun)