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Overseas Chinese return home feel "the power of China"

Updated:2020-03-25 11:15:41

Due to the critical condition of his father, on the night of March 16, Jin Yi, Xiangtan native Austrian overseas Chinese, made a comprehensive protective measures, boarded the flight home.

"I was 15 when I left Hunan, and now I'm 41. I have not returned to my hometown yet, the cadres in my hometown have helped me to coordinate actively. I am very grateful to the staff of FOC for their care and help." As the domestic epidemic situation gradually improved, the strict prevention of foreign importation became the focus of the national epidemic prevention work, Jincontacted Hunan FOC and Zhuzhou FOC in advance, consulting the return and inform the purpose.

Concidering his special situation, the staff of the overseas Chinese federation immediately called Jin to explain the epidemic prevention policy, and coordinated with Zhuzhou epidemic prevention headquarter.

At 6 o 'clock on March 17, Jin Yi arrived at Guangzhou, andactively cooperated with the medical staff to test and waited for the results in the designated hotel.

Jin Yi told reporters that Guangzhou held strict epidemic prevention and control, and took strict quarantine measures to transport, to avoid close contact with immigrating people.

"There is a sense that the state is very strong in enforcement and is really protecting Chinese." "The situation in China has gradually improved. I understand and cooperate with all the country's immigration policies," he said.

Staying Guangzhou for 3 nights, before he could board the train back home, Jin Yi learned that his father had died. And during the epidemic, the body must be cremated the same day.

In special times, special affairs should also be handled. In the premise of confirming that Jin Yi nucleic acid test was negative, Zhuzhou FOC and Zhuzhou city headquarter finally agreed Jin to see his father in the hospital for the last time, under protective clothing, before isolation. The entire process accompanied by CDC and community staff.

"I am very touched and grateful for the humanistic care shown in this special situation," said Jin. Material support from the state also made him warm. According to Jin, nucleic acid testing, shuttling by buses, three nights of accommodation and food in Guangzhou and 14 days of isolation in Zhuzhou were free.

At the beginning of the outbreak in China, the President of the Austrian Hunan Fellow Asdiciation took the lead in making donations, and Austrian Chinese made contributions one after another.

"Understanding each other in special times" was the phrase that jin yi heard most often.

He is currently in quarantine for 14 days. He sincerely hopes, "the country is getting better and better, hunan is getting better and better."(Translation:Yan kun)