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Overseas Chinese communities helped in local epidemic prevention and control

Updated:2020-03-27 16:04:58

In recent days, COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread around the world, and many governments have taken relevant measures. Overseas Chinese stayed in residence and fought against the epidemic together with the local residents.

Li Xianqiu, president of Germany Hunan Fellow association, has already closed his hotel as strict travel restrictions were imposed across the country. According to Li, as the number of confirmed cases kept rising in Germany, people and cars have significantly decreased.

As the president of the Germany Hunan Fellow association, Li Xianqiu took the initiative to solicit the demand of protection materials for overseas Chinese in Germany, and with the help of other overseas Chinese association, he contacted domestic suppliers of protection materials and built a protective wall for overseas Chinese in Germany. In order to collect more effective information, he kept close contact with other overseas Chinese groups, realized information sharing, and guided them to correctly understand and respond to the epidemic in a scientific way.

In bordeaux France, Chen yYng, executive vice President of French Hunan chamber of commerce, and Ye Kaibin, supervisor of the chamber, werere busy preparing Chinese food for hospitals, emergency centers and firefighters. Fang Chi from Yueyang worked as the volunteer in fire station, to serve the local society and the people.

According to Wen Fei, president of the French Hunan chamber of commerce, the chamber held a batch of epidemic prevention materials, which failed to deliver to China in time due to poor transportation, and the goods has been donated to France bordeaux frontline personnel. He is currently collect and purchase epidemic prevention materials from China, and donated to hospitals, chambers, and residents, who helped Hunan, the chamber, and overseas Chinese.

The Dutch Hunan Fellow association convened 6 experts to form the "Dutch Chinese medicine anti-epidemic action group". Members of the expert group conduct remote consultation and consultation by telephone and WeChat. In order to ease the anxiety of the Dutch compatriots, the expert formulated a Chinese medicine prescription suitable for the geographical and climatic characteristics of Europe. If there is fever, cough, fatigue, gastrointestinal symptoms or flu symptoms can be immediately taken Chinese medicine for immediate treatment, to avoid the deterioration of the condition.

After the outbreak spread, the British Hunan Fellow association immediately called in 8 Chinese medicine doctors to provide online consultation and medical consultation for overseas Chinese in the UK. Meanwhile, it urgently purchased a batch of masks and distributed them to British students for free.

In the severe situation of rapid spread of COVID 19 epidemic in Spain, Lin Weihua, principal of Konglin Academy in Barcelona, Spain, set up two WeChat groups for local Chinese, providing advice on epidemic prevention knowledge, preventive measures, medical care, mental health and other aspects, and helping the overseas Chinese in the west to do epidemic prevention work. Overseas Chinese in Spain have launched a charity donation. The money raised were used to purchase urgently needed epidemic prevention materials such as surgical masks, protective clothing and proprietary Chinese medicine, so as to help local medical staff and themselves prevent virus infection. Group of overseas Chinese in succession relay, took the initiative to donate.

Hunan FOC realized the shortage of anti-epidemic materials in overseas Chinese communities,and mobilized the entire province to raise epidemic prevention materials, and gradually developed overseas donation work, at the same time in accordance with the requirements of overseas medical supplies quality standards and customs, contact docking, resistance to disease in the province of domestic supplies manufacturers information on supply, and provide professional, scientific epidemic prevention and control guidance.(Translation:Yan kun)