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The 2nd branch of Hunan FOC held activity

Updated:2020-03-30 15:04:44


On March 26 afternoon, members from the second party branch of Hunan FOC gathered in Shengshi community to carry out the "care for the epidemic prevention lstaff in community" thematic party day activity. They provided masks and other disinfectant supplies, and honored 10 outstanding volunteers from the community.

Sun Minsheng, vice President of Hunan FOC, illustrated in details about the job achieved by Hunan FOC in the community prevention and control. He stressed that staff from Hunan FOC should actively involved in the epidemic prevention and control work in the community, to guarentee work resumption. He said that although local transmission has been stopped, the danger of imported cases still existed, community staff should not slack off in thoughts and actions on epidemic prevention and control to promote work resumption. He required FOC staff to pay close attention to overseas returnees, and help them lead their economic and social life into the normal track at an early date.