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Liu Wen, bridges sino-Africa economic, trade and cultural

Updated:2020-04-02 14:41:32


In 2020, Tanzania Hunan chamber of commerce and TPSF, Tanzania's largest local chamber of commerce, will unitedly open its first China office in Hunan. At that time, Tanzania's rich economic and trade resources, and Hunan will be added to the docking channel, and radiating of the whole China. It is the plan that Liu Wen, president of Tanzania Hunan chamber of commerce, is working on.

Since he went abroad in 2012, Liu Wen, born after 1985, has created East Africa Outlook magazine, the first bilingual periodical for overseas Chinese in East Africa, with great enthusiasm and innovation.

In March 2012, Liu followed a state-owned company focused on mineral exploration to Tanzania in East Africa. A year later, he left the state-owned enterprise and embarked on a dream journey in a foreign country.

In 2013, Feng Zhenyu, president of the Tanzanian free trade association, contacted with Liu Wen, hoping to cooperate with him to set up a magazine of Tanzanian overseas Chinese society.

Before the Spring Festival in 2014, the first issue of Tanzanian Outlook was published in Tanzania. The magazine was named "Outlook" because it aimed to provide in-depth analysis of socio-economic issues in Tanzania, with the aim of providing guidance for overseas Chinese to do business, work and live there. In 2015, Tanzania Outlook changed its name to East Africa Outlook, and successfully applied for the international standard serial number of the magazine from Tanzania's ministry of culture, and expanded its distribution to Ethiopia and Kenya. Liu Wen recalled that East Africa Outlook magazine had a circulation of 12,000 copies a month in both English and Chinese.

In September 2015, with the department of commerce of Hunan visiting Tanzania, local Hunanese merchants prepared to set up the Tanzania Hunan chamber of commerce to guide hunanese overseas Chinese to invest in East Africa, maintain the unity of the motherland and improve the image of Chinese. As a founder, Liu Wen was elected the third president of the chamber of commerce.

In June 2019, the first Sino-Africa economic and trade expo was held in Hunan. Tanzania Hunan chamber of commerce played a positive role in the reception of inspection, assisting the invited businessmen and other aspects. Liu said that the holding of the Sino-Africa economic and trade expo in 2019 has further consolidated the relations and economic exchanges between China and Tanzania. Tanzania Hunan chamber of commerce actively responded to the call, in addition to doing a good job in the Sino-African economic and trade expo invitation work, and planned to work with Tanzania's largest local chamber of commerce TPSF (federation of private enterprises) to open the first China office in Hunan, to bridge Tanzania and hunan in economic and trade resources.