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Overseas Chinese community donated materials and medical experts lecture online

Updated:2020-04-09 14:45:46

In recent days, overseas Chinese organizations in many places in China have donated epidemic prevention materials to overseas countries. Chinese medical experts have also introduced the prevention and control experience through online video conference, helping the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, the republic of Korea, South Africa and other countries to fight the epidemic of COVID 19.

Under the guidance of shanxi overseas Chinese federation, Shanxi overseas Chinese public welfare foundation actively raised anti-epidemic materials such as KN95 masks and traditional Chinese medicine preparations, and traveled thousands of kilometers to assist the friendly overseas Chinese community in more than 30 countries and regions with severe epidemic situation to support the anti-epidemic use of local overseas Chinese and students.

Hunan overseas Chinese federation and Hunan overseas Chinese Youth Committee also donated epidemic prevention materials to a number of overseas Chinese delegations in Tanzania, Belgium, Italy and other countries, and according to the different needs of overseas Chinese, distributed the existing materials reasonably, and sent to the countries with serious epidemic situation. Many places in Zhejiang, a major province for overseas Chinese affairs, have also launched overseas aid campaigns, donating anti-epidemic supplies including goggles, masks and medical gloves. Medical enterprises in Fujian are also working at full speed to ensure an adequate supply of emergency supplies for epidemic prevention, and have donated a large number of masks overseas.

"I would like to thank the Chinese government for the arrival of 300 new ventilators from China," Michael Gove, the cabinet minister, said in a recent message. Gove made the announcement while chairing a briefing on the outbreak in a novel coronavirus outbreak in the UK.

The Chinese embassy in South Africa recently organized a video exchange meeting between China and South Africa to invite medical experts from the COVID 19 epidemic prevention and control working group in Shanghai to share China's experience in fighting COVID 19 epidemic with South African health system officials and experts.

There are three main venues: the Chinese embassy in South Africa, Shanghai municipality and the South African ministry of health. Li Nan, who was charging affaires of the Chinese embassy in South Africa, Sun Xiaodong, deputy director of the Shanghai center for disease control and prevention, South African health minister Shaukat Muka, Dr. Mathshediso Moeti, who representing WHO in Africa were invited.

Mukai said South Africa thanked the Chinese embassy in South Africa and the city of Shanghai. The exchange was positive and effective, and the experts' insights provided a valuable reference for the fight against the epidemic in South Africa and throughout Africa. South Africa will actively draw on China's valuable experience and make every effort to combat covid-19.(Translation:Yan kun)