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People's Daily: the motherland will never forget the efforts of overseas Chinese

Updated:2020-04-09 14:47:23

At present, important progress has been made in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Meanwhile, the global fight against the epidemic is grim. The epidemic knows no borders. In dealing with the major challenges posed by the global COVID 19 epidemic, China has won more and more countries' appreciation for its responsible, courageous and cooperative leadership. And the good deeds of this special group of overseas Chinese in this battle are also highly praised.

At the beginning of the epidemic, overseas Chinese all over the world donated money and goods, tried their best to raise materials and transport them back to China. As the overseas epidemic continues to spread, the overseas Chinese staying in their home countries immediately took action to show once again the strength of unity and the responsibility to overcome the difficulties together. In Europe, in Africa, the overseas Chinese spontaneously donated money and materials, and traveled thousands of miles to purchase materials from their ancestral home countries to support the anti-epidemic efforts in their host countries. In Germany and the United Kingdom, Chinese communities have set up anti-epidemic mutual aid groups to translate Chinese anti-epidemic experience and information into local languages for dissemination. Many Chinese medical students have joined the local anti-epidemic frontline. In Tokyo, Chinese handed out masks free of charge. In Rome, local Chinese put masks in envelopes in batches and left in the mailbox.

Convey goodwill and hope, but also counter malice and slander. During the epidemic, in response to the stigmatization and discrimination against Chinese by politicians and media in some countries, local Chinese groups stood on the front line of counterattack, voiced, signed and petitioned, and expressed their protest with actions to amplify the voice of justice.

The motherland will never forget the efforts of overseas Chinese. The China federation of overseas Chinese issued a circular recently, making arrangements for the communication service of overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese and their family members during the epidemic, requiring overseas Chinese federations at all levels to have an in-depth understanding of the situation and specific difficulties of overseas Chinese, guide them in scientific epidemic prevention, and encourage them to participate in local epidemic prevention and fight against the epidemic in host countries, so as to give back to the local society.

In order to help overseas Chinese better cope with the epidemic situation, Chinese embassies stationed abroad promptly reported the epidemic information and Shared their experience. Timely contact with relevant domestic medical institutions and network platforms to provide network remote consultation and treatment help; Timely promote domestic high-quality medical resources through the network video and other modern information means to connect with the Chinese medical Institutions, to provide advanced technical guidance and support. The Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, Huang Xilian, wrote a heartfelt "letter from home" to help the overseas Chinese survive the epidemic. The Chinese consulate general in Dusseldorf invited professor Zhang Wenhong, director of the department of infection at Huashan hospital affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, to hold a lecture via video link to dispel doubts and conduct scientific analysis.

Some well-known foreign scholars said that China's great efforts in dealing with COVID 19 are a model for the world, and China's own actions have demonstrated the importance and major role of building a community with a shared future for mankind. Some overseas Chinese scholars believe that overseas Chinese have unique advantages in integrating China and other countries and can play a unique role in building a community with a shared future for mankind. In the battle against the epidemic, the "overseas Chinese power" shining at home and abroad is a vivid interpretation of this argument.