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Hunan FOC held the 2nd plenary meeting of the 8th session

Updated:2020-04-10 11:21:48

On April 9, the second committee of the eighth session of Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese held a video conference in Changsha to summarize the work of the association in 2019 and plan the tasks for 2020. The meeting stressed that we should further pool the hearts and minds of overseas Chinese, actively serve their development, and work together to build a new hunan province.

In winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control, Hunan FOC system extensively mobilized returned overseas Chinese and their relatives as well as overseas Chinese to donate money and materials, and coordinated the purchase of materials in short supply for epidemic prevention and control. Since the first batch of donations arrived in Hunan on January 28, 2020, by the beginning of march, Hunan FOC system had donated more than 17.52 million yuan and medical supplies more than 42.9 million yuan to 139 overseas Chinese communities in 42 countries and regions to fight against the epidemic.

The meeting pointed out that this year overseas work to build a well-off society in an all-round way and runoff from poverty to overcome, epidemic prevention and control war victory, around hunan lead the rise of open innovation strategy, and strive to strengthen the ideological and political lead, we will focus on around the center, the service general situation, focus on best, exert force, focus on strengthening the construction of its own, the focus to maintain and strengthen political, advanced and mass organizations, to lead the masses of returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese nationals, towards the goal, to create the nation's top overseas organizations to build happiness new beautiful and richly endowed hunan make greater contributions.

The meeting stressed that this year the overseas Chinese federation system should strengthen ideological and political guidance, and make every effort to promote the study, publicity and implementation of xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the 19th CPC central committee. Expand the economic and technological brand of "pioneering China · xingye hunan"; To strengthen the brand of "love China · charm hunan" and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture; Take the initiative to expand contact fellowship, and constantly expand the circle of friends in hunan.

The meeting called for further strengthening the grassroots foundation of the overseas Chinese federation, actively seeking the support of the party committees and governments at all levels, and urging the organizations at all levels to realize the "five kinds of existence". We will implement two mechanisms, namely, "local overseas Chinese federation + university overseas Chinese federation + alumni association", "grassroots overseas Chinese federation (overseas Chinese related organizations) + overseas Chinese communities", and strive to provide services to overseas Chinese associations where there are overseas Chinese. We will support the joint construction and sharing of "home for overseas Chinese" and existing service centers or activity centers in communities and universities. In combination with the work of social credit code code, strive for the coverage of grassroots overseas Chinese association organizations or overseas Chinese association services.

The meeting also conveyed the spirit of the 3rd meeting of the 10th CCTCF, briefed on the information work of the system of the CCTCF in 2019, deliberated and adopted the interim measures of the CCTCF on strengthening the management of the members and standing committee members of the CCTCF in performing their duties and the resolution on the work report.

Huang Fang, secretary of the CPC leading group of the association of overseas Chinese, pointed out that all units should continue to care for overseas Chinese in the prevention and control of the epidemic according to the actual situation, and pool the strength of returned overseas Chinese and their relatives. We should conduct in-depth research at the grassroots level, pay close attention to the development of overseas Chinese enterprises, promptly report the difficulties and problems faced by overseas Chinese businesses and enterprises, and work hard to ease the concerns and difficulties of the masses in the overseas Chinese community. We need to focus on key tasks such as epidemic prevention and control, poverty alleviation and economic and social development, and promote the implementation of theoretical studies, services for overseas Chinese, and risk prevention.

In 2019, the strong leadership of CPC and care under the guidance of China's overseas, successfully held the eighth returned overseas Chinese congress of Hunan province, the provincial federation of authority is made "civilized units pacesetter", the provincial federation of task force for poverty alleviation in Anren county was named the provincial excellent work team.(Translation:Yan kun)