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Xiangxi won the first prize of info work of Hunan FOC system in 2019

Updated:2020-04-14 10:49:27

Good news came from the second plenary meeting of the eighth session of Hunan FOC, which won the first prize of information work in 2019.

Since last year, Xiangxi overseas Chinese federation has given full play to the advantages of gathering talents and intensive intelligence in the overseas Chinese community, actively participated in the deliberation and administration of state affairs, and, centering on the overall situation of the work of the party committee and the government, made suggestions on the hot and difficult issues concerned by returned overseas Chinese and their family members and overseas Chinese. By the "two sessions" platform by FOC invite nation people's congress, CPPCC members to discuss the "two sessions".

In 2019, xiangxi FOC published 16 articles in the "special report on overseas Chinese", ranking first in the province. Among them, 5 articles were published in the overseas Chinese affairs bulletin of the China federation of overseas Chinese and 11 articles were published in Hunan federation of overseas Chinese.