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Members of the 8th FOC committee from Shaoyang perform duties

Updated:2020-04-14 10:50:36

Recently, the members of the 8th committee of Hunan FOC in Shaoyang were instructed to get into their roles as soon as possible, enhance their responsibilities and enhance their ability to perform their duties.

Under the guidance of the communist party of China, especially Deng Zheng, deputy secretary of municipal party committee united front work department of Shaoyang, and Zhou Ling, chairman of Shaoyang FOC, cadastral of 8th committee visited the Shaoyang 4A scenic Xiang Cellar liquor industry, to understand the enterprise's difficulties resuming production, and study on and implement 8th committe spirit to take good position, build a discussion, aspects and so on to promote social and economic development hotspot issues launched a heated discussion.

Members expressed that serving as a member of the 8th committee of the provincial federation of overseas Chinese is not only a political honor, but also a political responsibility. As a member of FOC, we should earnestly perform our duties, take the initiative to focus on the overall situation of economic and social reform and development, give full play to the unique advantages of overseas Chinese think tanks, actively participate in activities, and fully demonstrate the important role of overseas Chinese members in Shaoyang.