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1st and 4th branches of Hunan FOC went to HAU for the theme party day activities

Updated:2020-04-16 19:28:24


first and fourth branch investigated the laboratory of innovative talents and the laboratory of veterinary medicine engineering center of "hundred talents plan" of college of veterinary medicine of Hunan Agricultural University.



On April 15, the first and fourth branches of Hunan FOC went to Hunan Agricultural University to hold a party day activity, including visiting and investigating the entrepreneurship project of college students, and having a discussion to learn about the work of Hunan Agricultural University.

The first and fourth branches, visited the animal hospital, the laboratory of innovative talents imported from abroad and the laboratory of veterinary medicine engineering center in the practice base of Hunan Agricultural University, and improved the medical system and the complete medical records of animals, which refreshed the cognition of party members and cadres to the animal medical industry.

At the symposium, Chen Hong, secretary of the party committee of Hunan Agricultural University, made a brief introduction on the basic situation, historical background and development process of Hunan Agricultural University. Yuan Guangmin, vice minister of the united front work department and vice minister of the publicity department of Hunan Agricultural University, reported the work of the university's overseas Chinese federation, and hoped that the university could support the university to build a "home for overseas Chinese", so as to build a platform for the school to exchange and carry out activities for returned overseas Chinese and their families.

Huang Fang, secretary of the party group of Hunan FOC, fully affirmed the achievements of the association of overseas Chinese in Hunan Agricultural University since its establishment, and put forward requirements for the work of the association of overseas Chinese in the university. She hopes that the university party committee will continue to support the university to do a good job in the "five you" work, and constantly improve the cohesion and centripetal force of the university. At the same time, we should give full play to our academic advantages and make Suggestions to the central committee and the provincial party committee with the help of the platform of the special report on overseas Chinese, so as to serve the high-quality development of Hunan's economy. Hunan FOC is willing to help Hunan Agricultural University in the introduction of overseas high-level talents, cultural exchanges and other aspects, strengthen cooperation, and constantly enhance the international influence of Hunan Agricultural University.