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Huang fangvisited Rednet for investigation

Updated:2020-04-16 19:31:44




On the afternoon of April 15th, Huang Fang, the party secretary of Hunan FOC, came to Rednet new media group for investigation. Li Zuyuan, member of the leading party member and vice chairman of Hunan FOC, attended the meeting. Accompanied by He Honglian, deputy secretary of the party committee, director and chief editor of Rednet group, Fang Hua, member of the party committee, director and general manager of Rednet, Shen Guoqing, member of the party committee, supervisor and deputy general manager of Rednet new media group.

In 2018, Hunan Rednet new media group established a strategic partnership with Hunan Federation of returned overseas Chinese to build a new communication platform for overseas Chinese, which acted as a bridge, creating a new situation for the work of Hunan FOC. Up to now, Rednet "overseas Hunanese double channel column" has published nearly 5,000 articles, nearly 800 original articles. Especially the eighth returned overseas Chinese congress of hunan province in 2019 and 2020 in the fight against COVID - 19 outbreak two major publicity campaign, comprehensive shows the condensed best federation in Hunan, and overseas Chinese intellectual, play, maintenance, and force has made gratifying achievements, such as 1.2 million and the entire province general returned overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese huge contribution for Hunan.

Huang Fang and her delegation visited the learning power Hunan operation center, Rednet government affairs center, the online mass work department and other places, watched the propaganda video and listened to Rednet netting media center. The two sides also had in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to promote and deepen cooperation.

At the symposium, He Honglian briefly introduced the development of rednet in recent years. He said that with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, "Internet plus" has been fully linked to social life. It is of great significance to strengthen the construction of hunan "online FOC" project. In the next step, rednet will continue to carry out further cooperation around the key work and platform construction of hunan overseas Chinese federation, provide better services, and take "Internet + overseas Chinese federation" as an important breakthrough to promote the reform, innovation and development of hunan overseas Chinese federation, so as to help the work of hunan overseas Chinese federation continue to innovate and develop.

Huang fang thanked Rednet for its contribution to the work of overseas Chinese federation. In recent years, the provincial federation fully supported the project of overseas Hunanese channel and column, which makes full use of Hunan federation's official website, weibo and WeChat ID, timely release information, collect public opinion and response to the demands of overseas Chinese, and make the official new media platform of Hunan federation work's right-hand man, becomes a bridge between unicom overseas and achievements of the wings. She hoped that on this basis, the two sides could further strengthen exchanges and communication and carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation in more areas. In particular, she hoped that the advantages of the resources of the federation of overseas Chinese could be utilized to promote the internationalization of rednet and make new and greater contributions to the federation of overseas Chinese in gathering the hearts of overseas Chinese and exerting their power.