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Hunan FOC founded its youth working committee

Updated:2020-04-28 15:13:24


On April 27, Hunan FOC held the inaugural meeting of the youth working committee of the government institutions. Huang Fang, secretary of the CPC leading group of Hunan FOC attended the meeting and made a speech.

The meeting elected the first member sof the youth working committee of Hunan FOC, Xiao Yong was elected director, Xiang Zhenyuan, Jiang Tao were elected deputy directors, Yin Xiangxiang, Xiang Zhenyuan, Liu Hengqing, Jiang Tao, Yang Zhen, Xiao Yong, Gao Yangfan were elected members.

Huang fang congratulated youth working committee. She pointed out that the establishment of the youth work committee of the provincial FOC organization is an important measure to promote the youth work of the organization to a new level, and also another beneficial exploration for the innovative development of the youth work of the organization. The youth working committee of Hunan FOC should be a guide for the young cadres of the organizations, make solid efforts to guide their thoughts, and guide the young cadres of the organizations to unswervingly listen to and follow the party. We should be the bosom friends of the youth cadres in the government organs, and often go to the young people to understand their thoughts, values and behaviors. We should be the bosom friends of the young people who are willing to tell the truth, make sincere friends and tell the truth. Want to do the leading goose of agency youth cadre, the leading group of agency youth working committee should have the courage to assume responsibility, think good and dare to do, do want to work, the doer of real work.

Huang fang demanded that all the young cadres of the organs should keep learning, learn from books, from practice, from others, learn from each other, and constantly improve themselves. To do a line of love and do a good line, to have the courage to innovate, willing to take responsibility, do solid action. Manage your behavior, your health, and your family.

Xiao Yong said, the committee would improve workingstyle, do in practice, improve the service three aspects to start work, focus on improving the young cadres how to see the problem, think about the problem and solve the problem ability, really guide the healthy growth of young cadres.

All the young cadres of the organ attended the meeting. Sun Minsheng, member of the CPC leading group and vice chairman of Hunan FOC, presided over the meeting.