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Hunan FOC fought against the epidemic

Updated:2020-05-06 11:37:25


Materials donated by Hunan FOC and Chinese overseas Chinese public welfare Foundation to 19 overseas Chinese groups in 11 countries.


The British Hunan Fellow association donated supplies.


Japanese Hunanese association and China Japan volunteers' association received masks donated by Hunan.


Supplies were donated to Hunan folks association in Washington, USA.

Since the outbreak of COVID - 19, overseas Hunanese have been holding hands with Hunan and sharing weal and woe.

Facing epidemic, Hunan FOC has always been concerned about the safety of overseas compatriots, with love and responsibility to build a bridge from the domestic extension to the overseas, a line of life transport full of affection.

Up to now, Hunan FOC has organized and guided the municipal FOCs, overseas Chinese community, and overseas Chinese enterprises to donate 455,000 masks, 18,200 packages of Chinese medicine preparations, 2,000 nucleic acid testing kits and 139,300 yuan to overseas Chinese groups in 29 countries and regions. In the name of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, Hunan FOC donated 400,000 disposable surgical masks to 46 overseas Chinese groups of Hunanese in 18 countries. Together with the overseas Chinese foundation of China, the provincial FOC donated 110,000 surgical masks to 19 overseas Chinese groups in 11 countries.

In order to effectively implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and the decisions and arrangements of the CPC central committee and the state council, according to the requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, on the evening of January 27, Hunan FOC issued an initiative to mobilize the provincial organizations of overseas Chinese at all levels, returned overseas Chinese and their relatives and overseas Chinese to actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control war and contribute to the efforts of overseas Chinese.

As soon as the initiative was released, the overseas Hunanese responded positively and promptly launched the concentric anti-epidemic action. At 1 o 'clock on January 28, Ms. Liao Liping from the provincial overseas Chinese business association, arrived in Changsha with 10 boxes of masks and donated them to the health commission of hunan province.

"The townsfolk donate their love, try their best to raise materials, race against time, and fight against the virus." Wu Lili, president of the British Hunan Fellow association, immediately launched a campaign to support the fight against the epidemic in Hunan.

From January 28, the date when the first batch of donations arrived in Hunan, to March 10, the overseas Chinese association in Hunan alone donated 10.784568 million yuan and medical supplies 32.766388 million yuan to 129 overseas Chinese communities in 45 countries to fight the epidemic.

With the outbreak spreading in many parts of the world, Hunan FOC, while making every effort to consolidate the achievements in fighting the epidemic in China, has also extended a helping hand to overseas compatriots in a timely manner, sharing experience in prevention and control in various forms and providing assistance to them.

On March 28, the overseas Chinese affairs office of Hunan and Hunan FOC were entrusted by the provincial party committee and the provincial government to deliver the first batch of anti-epidemic materials donated by 18 overseas Chinese groups of hunan nationality to Britain, Germany, France and 8 other countries.

On March 30, the provincial party committee and government donated 85,000 disposable surgical masks to 14 overseas Chinese groups in 9 countries including Tanzania, Jamaica, dominica, Sweden and Belgium through Hunan FOC.

On April 13, Hunan FOCand Chinese overseas Chinese public welfare foundation donated 110,000 surgical masks to 19 overseas Chinese groups in 11 countries, including uae, Kenya, Germany, Laos, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, Canada and Australia.

The more in the face of difficulties, the more can reflect a nation's cohesion and fighting capacity. In the face of this major global public health crisis, our compatriots at home and abroad in Hunan have shown a spirit of unity despite the wind and rain, and built up a strong strength to tide over difficulties together.