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"Love China · tell stories" Hunan online summer camp opened

Updated:2020-05-06 11:39:08

On April 30, the first phase of Hunan online summer camp "Love China · tell stories" officially opened. A total of 340 overseas Chinese teenagers from 10 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Spain, started their 15-day journey of learning Chinese culture by listening to stories, punching online points card sand interacting with each other.

In recent years, cultural confidence has gradually become a common consciousness among Chinese people. Sponsored by China federation of overseas Chinese and organized by Hunan FOC, the hunan online summer camp of "love China · tell stories" would help overseas Chinese youth to keep learning and deeply understand Chinese culture during the epidemic period, develop their interest in Chinese culture, and acquire anti-epidemic knowledge. The course content includes the origin of Chinese characters and surname, idiom fable, famous person, historical trace, epidemic prevention knowledge and so on.

During the online summer camp, the organizer would push two short stories to the overseas campers every day, organize and guide overseas Chinese teenagers to listen to and watch, and assign relevant tasks, pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, and ensure the learning effect.

According to Hunan FOC, "Love China · tell stories" online summer camp would hold 8 phases, and campers can participate in the camp repeatedly. During the summer camp, campers with excellent performances would have the opportunity to be recommended to participate in the "journey of searching for roots" in 2021 by China federation of overseas Chinese, and Hunan FOC would also issue honorary certificates to the outstanding campers.