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Huang Fang fieldreaearched the work of FOCs in Zhuzhou

Updated:2020-05-09 15:45:35


On May 6, Huang Fang, secretary of the party group of Hunan FOC and her delegation went to zhuzhou to field research on the work of FOCs. Qin Wancheng, member of the standing committee of the Zhuzhou municipal party committee and minister of the united front work department of the Zhuzhou municipal party committee, Li Jianping, secretary of the party group of the Zhuzhou FOC and other relevant comrades of the provincial, municipal and county overseas Chinese federation attended.

On the symposium, representatives ofChaling, Yanling, Liling, Youxian county FOCs, introduced overseas Chinese work information, liaison fellowship, and the existing difficulties and problems, as well as put forward suggestions.

Qin Wancheng thanked the provincialFOC for its support as always. He pointed out that in the new era, the work of FOCs becoming more and more practical, and we should further promote the work of the grassroot associations of overseas Chinese, and the team of FOCs can be an important force in preventing external risks, creating a good external environment, pooling intelligence, and serving the economic and social development.

Huang Fang said that Zhuzhou FOC has initially acquired the "five elements", and the research on overseas Chinese situation has laid a good foundation for the future work. We should strengthen the foundation and do the basic work at the grassroots level well, give full play to the advantages of various localities in cultural communication, strengthen and promote overseas liaison and fellowship, and promote the chairman of the grassroots overseas Chinese federation to the people's congress and the CPPCC at the same level, so as to help the overseas Chinese community to participate in the deliberation and administration of state affairs. At the same time, we should strengthen the construction of the home for overseas Chinese, make full use of the strategic cooperation opportunities between the provincial federation of overseas Chinese and the provincial construction bank, communicate with the county construction bank, and jointly build the local home for overseas Chinese. We should make good use of the existing channels to carry out the publicity work in detail. Meaningful activities carried out by overseas Chinese federations at all levels can be timely publicized through the official website of the provincial federation of overseas Chinese, and we can also make full use of the special report on overseas Chinese to make suggestions.

During the normal prevention and control of the epidemic, communication with overseas Chinese should be strengthened to timely understand their difficulties, and overseas Chinese should be encouraged to seek organizations and join local overseas Chinese associations to obtain services and support, Huang said. To continue to serve the local economy, the current focus is to do a good job of overseas Chinese enterprises research, comprehensive understanding of the number of enterprises, the difficulties and problems, and strive to serve overseas Chinese enterprises policy, to continue to help win the battle against poverty, we should, on the basis of previous work, comprehensively understand and collect the poverty alleviation efforts of overseas Chinese enterprises, overseas Chinese merchants and overseas Chinese who have helped thousands of overseas Chinese to help thousands of families. We should be good at finding out typical examples, summarizing experience and making extensive publicity and reporting. In the future work, the overseas Chinese associations at all levels should be good at borrowing from each other, integrating resources and forming joint forces, so as to truly achieve a promising position.