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Hunanese leaders received thank-you-letters for fighting epidemic in Netherlands

Updated:2020-05-14 15:35:11


Hunan Anbang pharmaceutical donated to Holland Rhine group.


Peng Jinlu (right), overseas adviser of Hunan FOC, President of Dutch Hunan chamber of commerce, received materials donated from China and donated to local health and prevention and control agencies.

"I am very grateful to the Hunan provincial party committee, HunanAanbang pharmaceutical co., ltd. and Hunan chamber of commerce of the Netherlands for their timely assistance of epidemic prevention materials, which has strengthened the confidence of overseas Chinese in fighting the epidemic. We believe that with the strong support of the motherland, overseas Chinese will surely overcome the epidemic and survive the most difficult period."

"We would like to thank Peng Jinlu, President of Dutch Hunan chamber of commerce, Hunan Anbang pharmaceutical co., ltd. and the Dutch Hunan chamber of commerce for your generous assistance. Your love and kindness have given us a strong spiritual power."

In early May, Peng Jinlu, Hunan FOC consultant, president of the Dutch Hunan chamber of commerce, have received more than ten thank-you-letters from the Dutch Chinese chamber of commerce, the Netherlands, Chengdu association, the European Union Chinese women association, the Netherlands Ryan education foundation, in which words cannot hide gratitude.

"It is our duty to help those in need when the overseas Chinese are in danger," he said.

At the beginning of the outbreak in China, Peng Jinlu immediately initiated donations from overseas Chinese in the Netherlands, and successively donated nearly one million yuan worth of epidemic prevention supplies to China.

At the beginning of March, the epidemic spread quietly in the Netherlands. How to seek prevention and control supplies for the Netherlands in the absence of domestic security gap became a difficult problem for him.

As domestic enterprises resumed work and production, Peng Jinlu contacted and purchased epidemic prevention materials in China, and actively organized the donation of epidemic prevention materials from the Netherlands to help local compatriots and the government fight the epidemic. He called on everyone to make preparations for mutual aid and assistance, and to provide necessary services and assistance to the overseas Chinese.

In Hunan, with help from Hunan provincial party committee, hunan CPPCC, Hunan FOC, Hunan Hengyang municipal party committee, the federation and hengyang municipal party committee united front work department, municipal FOC, with the support of the Dutch Lane group as the recipient and "transfer station", face masks, protective clothing, Chinese Traditional medicine, and epidemic prevention materials started their transportation from Hunan Changsha to the Netherlands, and directional donated to Ziekenhuis Sneek hospital medical inspection agencies, other hospitals and medical institutions and dozens of communities. Among them, Yinhuangqing Lung capsule has a significant effect in virus prevention and antiviral treatment, which has been recognized by the Dutch government, the overseas Chinese in the Netherlands and the patients with covid-19 in the Netherlands.

As the epidemic in the Netherlands continues to slow down, Peng said, "we will continue to work with institutions and individuals at home and abroad to help coordinate the financing, and deliver the new supplies to more hospitals, homes for the elderly, overseas Chinese and those in need, so as to share the difficulties with the Dutch people."