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Overseas Hunanese: go through all difficulties together

Updated:2020-05-18 17:39:07

In early May, Peng Jinlu, chairman of Dutch rwe and president of Dutch Hunan chamber of commerce, received more than 10 thank-you notes and a special photo. In the photo, Sven De Langen, director of the center for disease control and prevention of the ministry of health in the Netherlands, held "thank you" in Chinese characters to express his gratitude for receiving N95 masks, protective clothing and other urgently needed medical supplies.

As the epidemic spread quietly in the Netherlands, it became a daily routine for Peng Jinlu to seek for local prevention and control materials and actively organize the donation of epidemic prevention materials.

In the Netherlands, where medical supplies are in short supply, Peng asked for help from his hometown Hunan, where factories has been returning to work and production. With the support of HUnan provincial government and relevant departments, a batch of epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing and traditional Chinese medicine capsules were transported from Hunan to the Netherlands. He donated them to Ziekenhuis Sneek hospital and other medical institutions as well as dozens of Chinese communities. It also donated 1,800 boxes of capsules and 6,000 disposable medical masks to the Rotterdam city government.

Luo Xiaodan, president of the Hunan fellow association in Vancouver, Canada, and her friends have been either delivering masks or on their way to deliver them. "I learned that many medical equipment in Richmond hospital in vancouver have reached their expiry date, so I am afraid they cannot undertake the task of epidemic treatment." Luo called on people to donate to the hospital foundation and called the campaign "Don't spread the virus, spread the love". In just a few weeks, overseas Chinese raised more than c $20,000 for the Richmond hospital foundation to purchase emergency equipment needed to treat covid-19. Richmond mayor Malcolm Brodie and city councillor Zegang received a donation cheque and 1200 N95 masks from the hunan fellow villagers association of vancouver on behalf of the hospital.

The south Florida association for science, technology, the Florida branch of the us-china chamber of commerce donated 10,000 KN95 masks and 10,000 disposable surgical masks to Tenet medical group on behalf of the local overseas Chinese community, which received the attention of palm beach post and other media. "The Chinese community is doing everything they can to help the epidemic in the United States," Palm Beach TV station reported.

The Hunan Fellow association of the United States donated more than 20,000 medical masks and other supplies to fight the epidemic in the mainstream and diverse communities of the San francisco bay area, and was awarded a medal of honor by the California state legislature.

In a heart-warming scene in Sydney's Wentworth Point neighborhood, Xiang Xingyu, an overseas Chinese from hunan province, handed out 20 masks to passers-by free of charge after obtaining permission from the police. In just an hour, 10,000 masks from China were handed out as passers-by kept a social distance and left.

Luo xiaodan said that in these months of adversity, some moments are the epitome carved by the overseas Chinese in the river of time, and all the warmth they encounter will be remembered. "This hard fight can only be won if we all work together as one."