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Dai Lizhong: fight against epidemic and strengthen confidence

Updated:2020-05-25 12:18:43


During the Two Sessions, National People's Congress deputy, Shengxiang biological technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as shengxiang biological) chairman Dai Lizhong integrate dedicated research and production of "epidemic" weapons into the people's voice.

At the two sessions, no matter whether he is interviewed by the media or speaks at the venue, Dai exuded a strong sense of technological confidence. His confidence comes from the fight against covid-19, and he speaks with strength.

In order to develop accurate, rapid and simple diagnostic reagents, Shengxiang biological immediately established the epidemic prevention and control emergency technical team led by Dai Lizhong. On January 10, after the novel coronavirus genome sequence was released, the team immediately carried out analysis and product design and development. Dai led the researchers to develop a nucleic acid testing kit on January 14. On January 28, the novel coronavirus2019-ncov nucleic acid detection kit obtained the registration certificate of medical devices through the emergency approval of the national medical products administration, becoming one of the first six domestic novel coronavirus detection products approved to market.

On March 3, Shengxiang bio-novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing reagent passed the CE certification of European Union. On May 5, it was granted EUA (emergency use authorization) by FDA. May 11, obtained the Brazilian health supervision authority (ANVISA) certificate of registration. At present, the products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, contributing China's strength and wisdom to the global prevention and control of covid-19.

On March 29, a statement issued by the Chinese embassy in the Philippines pointed out that, as confirmed by the Philippine ministry of health, the quality of the testing kits for 100,000 people sent by China to the Philippines is very good, which has played an important role in the Philippine government's rapid response to the epidemic.

Dai Lizhong calls on the overseas Chinese scientists and technicians to return to China to start their own business, and his company will extend its olive branch to the overseas Chinese to create a scientific and technological career.

In the fight against the epidemic, Dai saw that although China's biomedical industry is developing rapidly, "the lack of industry size, enterprises, products lack fists" still exist to some extent. He will suggest to the NPC and CPPCC from the following aspects: the initiative to strengthen the chain to strengthen the chain, to create the cultivation of leading enterprises with international competitiveness of the policy environment; We will vigorously support import substitution and create a level playing field for domestic and imported products that are of the same quality and at the same price. We will improve the market competition mechanism and create a market environment that fosters the craftsman spirit.

Through the above ways to develop biological medicine industry in our country, the research and development more and more people could afford, with a good cost-effective products, and biomedical products imported form benign competition of the market, prompting biological medicinal products prices return to a reasonable level, so as to reduce the burden of the national health and ease the doctor-patient relationship, are Dai Lizhong's two wishes.