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Hunan FOC organized education on theme

Updated:2020-05-25 12:21:06

In order to further strengthen the awareness of party members and cadres of integrity, on May 21, Hunan FOC organized a special warning education in clean government. Huang Fang, secretary of Hunan FOC party group, Sun Minsheng, member of the party group and vice chairman of the party, as well as party members and cadres attended.

The meeting was organized to study the warning and educational materials that party members and cadres should be isolated from drunk driving in the series of "educating people around you by doing things around you" of provincial organs, and listed 5 cases of violation of discipline and law of drunk driving among party members and cadres of provincial organs, and profoundly analyzed the lessons and reflections of drunk driving cases.

The meeting emphasized that all branches should carry out study and discussion on special warning education, and party members and cadres should learn lessons from cases and draw lessons from them so as to effectively insulate themselves from drunk driving. The commission for discipline inspection of state organs will carry out regular supervision and inspection to further improve the ideological and action consciousness of cadres in state organs in abiding by discipline and law.