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Hunan CCB extended 410 million yuan in loans to overseas Chinese enterprises

Updated:2020-05-25 12:22:08

Hunan FOC and Hunan CCB signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on March 4. Till the end of April, branches of Hunan CCB have visited a total of 196 enterprises involved in overseas Chinese, 92 of which have the intention to cooperate. They have provided loans to 22 enterprises involved in overseas Chinese. Among them, 117 million yuan of new credit loans have been issued, and 295 million yuan of loans have been approved for release, which has strongly supported the resumption of work and production of enterprises involved in overseas Chinese.

Previously, the two sides have identified several service directions to help overseas Chinese enterprises resume work and production, build a "home for overseas Chinese", an overseas Chinese intelligence platform and survey on overseas Chinese, and provide services featuring overseas Chinese customer groups. At present, the construction of "home for overseas Chinese" has been completed by the business department of the provincial construction bank and ziwu road sub-branch of zhangjiajie. In the next step, "home for overseas Chinese" will be built on the scale of 2 to 3 in each city and prefecture, and 1 in each county and urban area.

In the next stage, overseas Chinese associations at all levels will continue to strengthen cooperation with branches of the provincial construction bank to provide financial support for overseas Chinese enterprises, regulate the service content of "home for overseas Chinese", improve the construction demand of smart platform, and implement the special financial services for overseas Chinese.