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Li Weiwei: attract overseas Chinese back for entrepreneurship

Updated:2020-05-26 18:00:14


Li Weiwei, chairman of Hunan CPPCC and a member of the national CPPCC, during a panel discussion at the third session of the 13th national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) in Beijing, on May 23.

Morning of May 23, in the 13th session of the CPPCC meeting group discussion, Li Weiwei, chairman of Hunan CPPCC and a member of the national CPPCC, suggested to accelerate the supply side structural reforms, and to attract overseas talents for employment entrepreneurial innovation, and to improve China's industrial safety and competitiveness.

Li Weiwei said slightly, prime minister Li Keqiang's government work report, through the new age of Xi Jnping, the Chinese characteristic socialism, adhere to the development of the centered on people's thoughts, reflects the new development concept and seek improvement in stability work always tone, showed in the severe complex international and domestic environment bear concentration, and wisdom of our country, summarizes the work objective, comprehensive deployment practical strong, ideological content, guidance, have very strong pertinence, operability, is a practical, good warm heart dispel, inspiring report.

Li weiwei made three points of understanding and suggestions.

First, shesuggested that we propose to give full play to the role of the market mechanism and accelerate supply-side structural reform.

Second, she suggest that we take the global epidemic as an opportunity to make greater efforts to attract overseas talents to come back to China for employment, entrepreneurship and innovation.The outbreak of the global epidemic has provided an important opportunity for us to attract overseas talents to come back to China for employment, entrepreneurship and innovation. Suggested that national level positive by embassies and consulates, association, homecoming, HaiLianHui many kinds of ways, such as grasping the organization for overseas outstanding student, outstanding overseas Chinese, outstanding scientific research personnel to conduct a comprehensive baseline, combined with our country frontier advanced science, core key technology, international finance, international business law in the areas of talent demand, included in the listing emphatically introducing talents.

Third, she suggested that the national industrial policy should focus on the precise development of the industrial chain to improve the safety and competitiveness of China's industrial chain. We will comprehensively review the external dependence of key core products of the whole industrial chain, speed up the development of key core technologies, accelerate the transformation of major scientific research achievements, and strive to improve the core competitiveness of China's industrial chain and its ability to fend off risks.

LiWeiwei said that Hunan CPPCC would continue to contribute its strength and wisdom to the achievement of the goals and tasks for the whole year and the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects.