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Teachers Of Hunan Agricultural University Mail Textbooks Home For Students

Updated:2020-05-27 17:48:34


Due to the influence of the epidemic, how to deal with the problem of students who cannot come back school but need textbooks to study at home? At present, the teachers of plant protection institute of Hunan Agricultural University raise funds and make efforts to assist in mailing textbooks home for students to meet their needs.

Dai Lin, the 2017 undergraduate of plant protection speciality, said When I heard that our school donated money to mailing our textbooks home for us, I really felt that the college was very considerate and warm to us, so we should study hard at home to appreciate the goodwill of teachers.

The head of plant protection college said that the college called on faculty and staff to donate nearly 6000 yuan, and the shortage would ask for help of alumni enterprises, so as to mail textbooks for free to students in expressing the love and care for students in the epidemic and encouraging them study hard at home.

As a member of the college, I was duty-bound to give help for the junior fellow apprentice in this special epidemic.said by Mo Bocheng, the Ph.D. in the school of plant protection and the legal representative of Hunan Juyou Biotechnology Co., Ltd, who subsidized the mailing fee.

The plant protecting college possesses more than 940 students, so the amount of work on distributing textbooks is heavy. But with the participation of college leaders and all of the teachers, and owing to the cooperation among them, the work is done orderly. The college will start to mail textbooks for assisting students whom influenced by the epidemic on May 20th.

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