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497 key projects in Hunan attract investment from all over the world

Updated:2020-06-04 10:45:11

Recently, Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, together with the Provincial Department of Commerce, announced 497 key investment projects of 2020, with a total investment of about 1.8 trillion yuan. It is the first time of 2020 for Hunan to focus on social capital released key investment projects.

The 497 projects are divided into four categories, namely, infrastructure, new industrialization, modern service industry and modern agriculture. There are not only provincial key projects, but also 14 municipal and state key projects. The total investment of most individual projects is not less than 500 million yuan.

Among them, 61 infrastructure projects have a total investment of 353.6 billion yuan. The expansion of Yiyang-Changde expressway, Xinhua-Xinning expressway, Luhongshan (Xiang-E boundary) -Cili expressway and other expressway projects are planned to attract private capital investment through PPP mode.

The new industrialization projects are divided into seven categories, namely equipment manufacturing, new materials, automobile, biomedicine, electronic information, light textile and chemical industry, and mineral development and processing, with a total investment of 799.1 billion yuan.

The modern service industry is divided into four categories: trade and logistics, health and old-age care, cultural tourism and entrepreneurship and innovation bases. It has 173 projects with a total investment of 631 billion yuan.

Modern agriculture has 48 projects with a total investment of 49.8 billion yuan.

An officer from the provincial development and Reform introduced that, the investment around intelligent manufacturing, electronic information, biomedicine, new materials and other industries emerging advantage industrial chain, as well as modern service industry, modern agriculture and other fields, aim sto technological innovation and the chain of the industrial chain. Relying on local resources, benchmarking modern economic system construction, enterprises could adapt to market changes to develop or introduce projects.

At the same time, in order to meet the upcoming "Shanghai Forum", the projects focusing on strengthening equipment manufacturing, trade logistics projects investment were released.