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Huang Fang went to Yueyang for the grassroots HOC

Updated:2020-06-05 10:37:57


Huang Fang went to Yueyang to investigate the construction of the grassroots "home of Overseas Chinese"


Huang Fang conferred the award to Zhang Guying Town, which was awarded the "International Cultural Exchange Base for Overseas Chinese in China"

On June 3, Huang Fang, secretary of the Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese party Group, went to Yueyang to investigate the construction of the grassroots "Home of Overseas Chinese"(HOC) and held a symposium. Huang was accompanied by Li Chaojun, secretary of the Party Group of Yueyang FOC, Gao Doi, chairman of Yueyang FOC and the main responsible comrades of the relevant county and district FOC.

Huang Fang has been to community home of overseas Chinese(HOC) in Miluo, and Yueyang County Anti-Japanese War memorial museum HOC and HOC in Yueyanglou district. Huang Fang carefully checked the relevant documents and inquired about the implementation of mass activities in the overseas Chinese community.

Huang Fang said the Yueyang FOC vigorously promoted the construction of overseas organizations, actively created community HOC, highlighted the co-construction and sharing. She said that, together with the community service center, combined with local cultural characteristics, regional characteristics,Yueyang would promote local folk custom of HOC, and give full play to the unique advantage of overseas organizations. Since last year, Hunan FOC has supported the establishment of 64 HOCs. Huang hoped that more characteristic activities would be carried out to enhance the influence and adhere to the construction of overseas Chinese guided by party building.

Onthe symposium, Huang Fang pointed out, all the FOC staff were ought to improve the political stance, and to do a good job of service,andto strengthen the communication with overseas Chinese.

During the fieldresearch, Huang Fang also awarded the plaque to Zhangguying Town, which was awarded as the "International Cultural Exchange Base for Overseas Chinese in China".