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Hunan First Public Safety Experience Center Opens

Updated:2020-06-08 16:55:47

The 2020 “Safety Production Month”, also the Safety Publicity Event, was launched at the Changsha High-tech Zone on June 6. The initiative tended to vigorously promote the idea of safe development. And it disseminated safety culture, imparted safety knowledge, further raised people’s awareness of safety production and enhanced public safety literacy in various themed activities with local characteristics.

The audience watched short films about safety, enjoyed sand painting themed with safety production, and were engaged in the interactive section, like singing “Song of Safety” together. To mobilize the whole society to pay wide attention to workplace safety, the Work Safety Committee Office of the Changsha High-tech Zone held an essay contest and online speech competition themed with “Charming Lugu Valley, Working Safely”. This offered a chance for grass-roots personnel to express their understanding of and voice for safety.

When launching the initiative, the first public safety experience center in Hunan opened to welcome the visitors. The center was invested by the Hunan Lantian Automotive Group with 200 million CNY, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. It is functioned as education, video watching, experience and training base.

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government