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Sun Minsheng investigated overseas Chinese enterprises

Updated:2020-06-15 10:20:43

In the afternoon of June 11, Sun Minsheng, the party member and vice chairman of Hunan FOC, led the team to Hunan Renhe Environmental Protection Technology and Hunan Seagulls Environmental Protection Technology for investigation and guidance, so as to understand the development of enterprises in detail and give Suggestions for the development of enterprises.

In Hunan Renhe Environmental Protection Technology, Sun Minsheng and his team went into the garbage treatment monitoring room, sewage treatment workshop and other places to inspect the garbage and sewage treatment process on the spot. Sun Minsheng fully affirmed the kernels and the environmental protection technology, and pointed out that the environmental protection industry is closely related to people's life, to do best, do our enterprise bigger and stronger, it is necessary to do a responsible enterprise, be people-oriented feelings, really care and maintenance of health.

In Hunan Seagull Environmental Protection Technology, Sun Minsheng has affirmed the industry-university-research cooperation between enterprises and universities. He said, as an environmental protection enterprise, to maintain long-term productivity, we must strengthen research and development, independent innovation, constantly improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and strive to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. We should pay more attention to product quality and form top-notch products. Alternatively, we can pursue development through joint efforts of strong countries and achieve win-win cooperation. Overseas Chinese federations at all levels should help solve the problems encountered in the development of enterprises in a timely manner and ensure the development of enterprises.