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Huang Fang fieldresearched in Hongjiang

Updated:2020-06-16 16:45:59


Huang Fang in Ancient Mall Red Revolution Memorial Hall.

Recently, Hang Fang, secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan FOC, visited the ancient mall in Hongjiang District, Huaihua, to learn about its international cultural exchange.

Huang Fang and her delegation listened to the report on the establishment of Hongjiang Ancient Mall's declaration of "International Cultural Exchange Base for Overseas Chinese in China". She pointed out that Hongjiang ancient mall could be regarded as the living fossil of Hunan commerce culture. Its commercial culture has a long history and far-reaching influence. It is known as "the living fossil of China's capitalism bud period" and is also one of the cradels of Hunan commerce culture in the world. Hongjiang district should play well the "Hunanese merchants of the world" name card, to open branches and scattered in the world, Hongjiang ancient mall merchants unity, play a good role of overseas Hunanese merchants, do a good job of attracting overseas Chinese to attract wisdom and capital work, inherit and carry forward the Chinese business culture, effectively enhance the world xiang businessmen's emotional identity. Hongjiang ancient mall to dig their own unique resources, highlighting the "business" elements, to attract people's attention, arouse resonance, become everyone's yearning for the "tourist destination".