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Ancient Liling City Proper Renovated

Updated:2020-06-18 17:08:29


       On June 15, either bank of the Lujiang River Liling City proper section was full of bright lights and numerous visitors. Located in the core urban area of the city, the “Ancient Rhythm in China Porcelain Town, One River and Two Banks” project takes into account of flood control, landscape, leisure, and tourism. It is centered on Fangzhou Isle, and the scenic belt along the river is about 6.5 kilometers. The first and second phases of the project have been planned, with a total investment of about 4.396 billion yuan. The project effectively renovated the urban sewage pipe network system, purified the water quality of the Lujiang River, improved the environment of the old urban area, and elevated the quality of the urban core area. (Photo/Tong Di)

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