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Hunan Smart Home Industry Association Established

Updated:2020-06-19 15:15:08

      The Hunan Smart Home Industry Association (HSHIA) was established in Changsha on June 17. It is committed to integrating intelligent technology with home sector and facilitate the high-quality development of the smart home industry. Fu Bo, general manager of the Hunan Microlink Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was elected as the first president.

Fan Jiajun, HSHIA’s executive president, briefed that the association was initiated and created by enterprises and public institutions concerning smart home across the province. It aimed to build an industrial platform for production, study, research and marketing; boost the establishment of technical standards for smart home sector and product quality innovation; provide consumers with better services; and promote Hunan’s smart home industry to grow in a standardized, orderly and sound manner.

Smart home serves as an important part in the information technology industry of new generation. It plays a vital role in setting up industrial Internet platforms, expanding “Intelligent Plus” initiatives and other areas, winning increasing support from the province. The Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industry in Hunan Province (2019-2021) in 2019. It proposed to establish the home appliance information platform by utilizing the cloud platforms and big data, in a bid to upgrade and intelligentize traditional domestic appliance. Perceiving the huge market potential, many enterprise involving household appliance, Internet and electronic information accelerated their expansion in the field.

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