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Hunan Water Group Established

Updated:2020-06-29 16:07:50

       On June 28, the Hunan Water Group Co., Ltd. (HWG) was unveiled in Changsha. Vice Governor Chen Fei attended the unveiling ceremony.

HWG, with the approval of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, was established with the integration of the Hunan Provincial Water Transportation Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd., the Hunan Provincial Water Resources Development & Investment Co., Ltd., and other state-owned provincial enterprises involved in the water-related affairs.

The newly formed group has assets of over 20 billion yuan and net assets of 15 billion yuan. It has managed 9 large and medium-sized reservoir hub projects constructed or under construction; irrigated farmland area of more than 3 million mu (200,000 ha.); and constructed and managed 2 navigation power hubs on the Xiangjiang River main stream. HWG has invested and operated 15 inland port berths such as the Chenglingji Port; built Xiangjiang, Yuanshui, and Lishui Rivers’ high-level waterways as long as 971 kilometers in total; installed a total of 740,000 kilowatts capacity of hydropower and wind power generators; and, invested and built 7 water plants. Among them, the Quanmutang Reservoir Project, which is operated by a subsidiary of the group, will start construction in the near future. The estimated total investment of the project is more than 10.2 billion yuan, and the designed irrigation area is 1.217 million mu (81,133 ha.). Upon completion, it will become the largest irrigation area in Hunan.

Yi Fanghui, HWG Party secretary and chairman, introduced that the group will focus on four major business parts of “water conservancy, hydropower, water transportation, and water affairs” in accordance with the principles of government-led, policy-supported, and market-oriented operation. It strives to build six major business platforms including water conservancy infrastructure, port waterways, urban and rural water affairs, clean energy, design and consultation, and water transportation logistics. This aims to promote enterprises to become stronger, better, and bigger, and realize the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets.

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