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Face masks, Hunan style

Updated:2020-07-02 15:26:39

Cartons of face masks made in Hunan province will be exported to Japan. [Photo provided to]

Who says face masks have to be boring and uncomfortable to be effective? If anyone does, they can stop it now.

More than 2 million unique masks made in Hunan province will be exported to Japan to customers attracted by their traditional Chinese embroidery and cool materials.

The masks help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, just as their more mundane medical counterparts do; but with these you get beauty, a commodity that's often in short supply.

Plus, they're comfortable because they're made with breathable fabric, according to the maker, Changsha Silk Road Hunan Embroidery Co.

A woman shows off a face mask designed withXiangxiuembroidery. [Photo provided to]

As one of the top four Chinese embroidery arts, Hunan embroidery has a history of at least 2,000 years.Xiangxiuartists use silk thread for their pictures, and patterns based on Chinese paintings.

"It's a combination of traditional art and modern fashion, and it's suitable to be used in summer when people want to feel cool while protecting themselves from infections," said Zeng Yingming, president of the Hunan Provincial Folk Artists Association.

The masks began to gain popularity in February, when the maker donated some of them to customers in Japan and Australia.

face masks designed withXiangxiu embroidery. [Photo provided to]

Xiangxiu artists stitch together various images on face masks. [Photo provided to]