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Huang Fang investigated the work of FOC in Shaoyang

Updated:2020-07-03 16:13:56


Huang Fang in Overseas Chinese enterprise ASEAN Industrial Park.


Huang Fang at Shaoyang College.

During June 29 and July 1, Huang Fang, secretary of the party group of the Hunan FOC, went to Shaoyang city to fieldresearch on overseas Chinese enterprises, overseas Chinese community to help alleviate poverty, and guide the work of FOCs of universities and colleges.

Huang Fang went to Longhui County's Yankoupu town to investigate the perty alleviation situation of overseas Chinese. Xiangjia Village is a poor village supported by Hunan Huaxing Industrial Development Co., LTD., an overseas Chinese enterprise. Since 2014, a total of 130 million yuan has been invested in poverty alleviation to renovate the infrastructure of Xiangjia village such as water, electricity, road and network, and vigorously develop the collective economy such as planting, breeding and rural tourism. In 2016, the village realized the whole village's poverty alleviation and strided into a beautiful village. It has been successively awarded as "Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Village", "Beautiful rural Construction Demonstration village" and "Tourism poverty alleviation and Development Demonstration village" in Hunan Province. Huang hopes that Huaxing company will continue to carry forward the spirit of responsibility of overseas Chinese community, focus on poverty alleviation, consolidate the achievements of helping the people to achieve a well-off life.

In overseas Chinese enterprise Liantai Shoes Company and Shaoyang ASEAN Industrial Park, Huang Fang inquired in detail about the production and operation status of the enterprises, epidemic prevention and control, implementation of preferential policies and the availability of bank loans, etc., encouraging the enterprises to do a good job in enterprise operation while overcoming the adverse impact of the epidemic. Huang Fang asked the FOC of Shaoyang city to help overseas Chinese enterprises solve problems, take the initiative to do a good job in the joint services, do a good job of overseas Chinese enterprises "troubleshooter", let overseas Chinese enterprises feel the warmth of the federation.

In Shaoyang College investigation and research symposium was held. She pointed out that all staff of FOC should improve their political positions, strengthen the organization construction of grassroots overseas Chinese federations, make active efforts in the work of overseas Chinese federations, adhere to the principle of "putting overseas Chinese first and serving overseas Chinese", further do a good job in the basic work of overseas Chinese federations, and get to know the feelings of overseas Chinese. We will effectively provide services to overseas Chinese enterprises, overseas Chinese nationals who have difficulties in returning to China, and overseas Chinese students who have returned to China, and build a high-quality service platform. With the help of the advantages of local resources and talents in colleges and universities, the university actively explores the new mode of school-local cooperation of "local Overseas Chinese Association + high school Overseas Chinese Association + alumni Association" to build a joint development platform. It is necessary to assist overseas Chinese associations in colleges and universities to play their role in exploring and guiding new overseas Chinese, making use of advantages of colleges and universities to strengthen communication with overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese associations, and making contributions to overseas fellowship and international cultural exchanges. We should pool the hearts and strength of overseas Chinese extensively, and further play the role of overseas Chinese federations in serving the masses of overseas Chinese and local economic development.

During the investigation, Huang Fang led the comrades of the First branch of Hunan FOC and the Shaoyang FOC to review the history of the Anti-Japanese War on the spot at the old site of the Communication Office of the Eighth Route Army stationed in Hunan, reviewed the oath of party entry, and held a special themed Party Day activity on the special day of the 99th anniversary of the Party, encouraging the cadres of the Overseas Chinese Association to stay true to their original intention and forge ahead.