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National College Entrance Examination Starts

Updated:2020-07-08 15:40:10

On July 6, the gaokao examinees wearing red masks bearing blessings, cheered up for college entrance examination, or Gaokao, at the Changsha Tongshenghu Experimental School. On the same day, 1,362 students from the school went to various testing sites to sit for the college entrance examination with confidence. (Photo/Gu Pengbo, Hunan Daily)

On July 6, Hengyang County No. 1 Middle School, the students who will sit for the Gaokao at their own school's testing site, saw off their classmates who went to other testing sites. They encouraged and cheered for each other. (Photo/Cao Zhengping, Teng Nishan)

On July 6, after having his car checked and disinfected in Chemeiren Chenfeng Auto Repair Shop in Huayuan County, volunteer Zhu Xingwang posted a sign that says “Offering Free Rides to Examinees” on his car. He attended free ride campaign for five consecutive years. (Photo/Long Enze)

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