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Vice Governor Wu Supervises Gaokao at Command Center

Updated:2020-07-09 17:36:03

On the morning of July 7, Vice Governor Wu Guiying came to the Hunan Provincial National Education Examination Affairs Command Center to dispatch and supervise the college entrance examination.

Vice Governor Wu visited the Hunan Provincial National Education Examination Affairs Command Center on July 7, to supervise the college entrance examination (Gaokao) work. She learned about Gaokao operation through the examination command platform. She asked to coordinate the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the safety of college entrance examination, to ensure the goal of “guaranteeing safety, quality, and fairness” and “zero errors and accidents” in Gaokao.

Vice Governor Wu delivers a speech.

After listening to the report on the progress of college entrance examination work in 13 cities and 1 prefecture via video conference, she fully affirmed the concerted efforts of all levels and departments on ensuring the smooth and orderly start of the college entrance examination and thanked all the staff for their hard work.

Wu Guiying emphasized that the CPC committees and governments at all levels and member units of the enrollment committees must bear political responsibilities and promote various tasks implementation. Efforts should be made to:

-Carry out the emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control, and do well in epidemic prevention work of the college entrance examination;

-Keep the test papers confidential, manage their distribution, strengthen entrance inspection of the Gaokao examinees, and supervise the whole process of the test, to ensure that there is no leakage in all links;

-Do a good job in ensuring transportation, food safety, and noise elimination; and,

-Strengthen emergency response management, improve the ability to respond quickly and deal with various emergencies in the exam.

Vice Governor Wu learned about Gaokao conditions in cities and prefecture.

After the video connection, Wu walked into the monitoring center and learned about the start condition of Gaokao in the cities and prefecture of Hunan through the monitoring video.

Peng Xiang, Hunan Provincial People’s Government deputy secretary-general; Jiang Changzhong, Hunan Provincial Department of Education CPC Leadership Group secretary, Hunan Provincial Department of Education director, and CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Education Work Committee secretary, and responsible comrades of relevant member units of the Hunan Provincial Enrollment Committee, participated in the tour.

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