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Basic Needs of Flood-affected People Guaranteed

Updated:2020-07-14 16:22:08

On July 13, the staff distributed vegetables to the villagers in Lianhuadao Village, Qionghu Neighborhood, Yuanjiang City. On the same day, the neighborhood administration and the Yiyang Federation of Industry and Commerce delivered 100 kg of meat, 900 kg of fresh vegetables, and 500 packs of mineral water to the disaster-affected people. Lianhuadao Village is a fishing village located in the South Dongting Lake. With the help of governments at all levels and kind-hearted enterprises, all the residents on the island are now moved to a safe area. Meanwhile, the living materials are effectively guaranteed, and the residents have no worries. (Photo/Tian Chao, Huang Yongjun)

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

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