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Sun Minsheng researched on the work of FOCs in Yiyang

Updated:2020-07-14 15:41:53


Sun Minsheng and hisdelegation researched on the work of FOCs in Yiyang.

During July 8th to 10th, Sun Minsheng, vice chairman of Hunan FOC, went to Yiyang to conduct a comprehensive survey on overseas Chinese enterprises' resumption of work and production, implementation of preferential policies for overseas Chinese enterprises, infrastructure construction, poverty alleviation work, construction of overseas Chinese homes and construction of international cultural exchange base. Zeng Bin, chairman of Yiyang FOC, participated in the survey.

Sun Minsheng successively investigated the overseas enterprise, detailed understanding of the current enterprise production and operation situation, the difficulties and problems, various preferential policies to carry out the ground situation, the opinion of overseas Suggestions, and encourage them to try to overcome difficulties, confidence boost development, constantly bigger and stronger.

During the trip, Sun Minsheng also visited the Overseas Chinese Homes in Anhua County and Ziyang District, learned about the construction of the Overseas Chinese International Cultural Exchange base in Yiyang International Experimental School and the application for the Overseas Chinese cultural exchange base in China Black Tea Museum, and visited people in difficulty in the overseas Chinese community.

Sun Minsheng fully affirmed the work of FOCsin Yiyang, and asked the FOCs to strengthen ideological guidance in accordance with the requirements of the reform of mass organizations, consolidate the ideological foundation of the masses of overseas Chinese, and ensure that they listened to the party's words and followed the Party's steps. Efforts should be made to strengthen basic work at the community level as epidemic prevention and control becomes more routine, and the construction of homes for overseas Chinese and bases for international cultural exchanges should be strengthened. We should focus on the central work of the Party committee and government, and take the initiative to serve local economic construction.