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Huang Fang researched on Home of Overseas Chinese in Changsha

Updated:2020-07-20 15:25:40


Huang Fang in Hunan Li Li Spiritual Education Center.

On July 17, Huang Fang, secretary of the Party Group of Hunan FOC, visited Homes of Overseas Chinese, "Tianmiui" and "Hunan Li Li Spiritual Education Center".

In the "Tianmihui", Huang Fang had a detailed understanding of the development history, project services and the construction of the "home of Overseas Chinese", and had discussions. Huang Fang pointed out that "Tianmihui", featuring children's psychological education, has achieved remarkable results in cohesion and service for overseas Chinese through various forms of activities suitable for both the old and the young, and its work experience is worthy of reference and promotion. She hopes that "Tianmihui" would give full play to the unique resource advantages of overseas Chinese, tell stories of overseas Chinese well in the whole society, demonstrate their strength, and win more participation and support from overseas Chinese.

At the "Hunan Li Li Spiritual Education Center", Huang Fang fully recognized the contribution of Li Li Spiritual education Center in public welfare. She demanded that we should improve our standing position, earnestly learn and understand the spirit of the relevant documents of the CPC Central Committee and provincial Party Committee on the work of FOC, and enhance our self-confidence. It should develop towards the direction of professional social organizations, and attract more new overseas Chinese to participate, so as to form its own characteristics and highlights; We should combine public welfare services, pool resources and social resources of the overseas Chinese community, expand the influence of the overseas Chinese community, let more people know about the organization of overseas Chinese federations, and let more people participate in their construction.

Chen Hui and Liu Bin, chairman and vice Chairman of Changsha Overseas Chinese Federation, He Huifeng, Member of The Standing Committee of Kaifu District Committee and Minister of The United Front Work Department, Liu Xiang, member of The Standing Committee of Tianxin District Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, and relevant officials of Changsha FOC accompanied the research.