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Li Zuyuan visited enterprises of Overseas Chinese Youth Committee

Updated:2020-07-20 15:28:42


Symposium in Hunan Shijiqing Investment Co. LTD.


In Wenheyou Group.

On July 17, Li Zuyuan, the party member and vice chairman of Hunan FOC, MAO Binghua, the part-time vice chairman of Hunan FOC and the chairman of the Hunan Overseas Chinese Youth Committee, together with the members of Hunan Overseas Chinese Youth Committee(OCYC), conducted a survey on the enterprises of Hunan OCYC and visited Shijiqing Investment Co., Ltd. and Wenheyou Group.

Hunan Century Investment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. During the symposium, the staff introduced the development of the enterprise. The members of the Overseas Chinese Youth Committee exchanged learning experience and put forward many suggestions.

Li Zuyuan and Mao Binghua pointed out that Shijiqing Co., Ltd. has witnessed the development of Wuyi business circle in Changsha, constantly innovating and adjusting the format of business, and it is a lucky incubator for young culture. Pan Wenchao, member of the Overseas Chinese Youth Committee, is the "fourth generation" of the enterprise. This entrepreneurial spirit passed down from generation to generation is gratifying. It is hoped that the young committee members will strengthen their study, integrate into social development while developing themselves, and further shoulder their social responsibilities.

Wenheyou Group was founded in 2011, the company is committed to the fusion of catering and trend culture, and has formed a unique Wenheyou style catering culture.During the visit, the committee members listened to the company introduction and project planning of Wenheyou Group, visited "Super Wenheyou group", and put forward many questions about entrepreneurship to Mr. Sun Kaixian, the chief cultural officer of Wenheyou, and got answers one by one.

Li said Wenheyou Group is committed to the enrichment and protection of local food culture, with a typical Changsha spirit, worthy of other young entrepreneurs to learn. We also hope that enterprises can give full play to their respective advantages and help each other to drive more overseas Chinese and young entrepreneurs to make progress together.