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Sun Minsheng visited NOC Innovation Base in Xiangtan

Updated:2020-08-07 09:31:13

Recently, Sun Minsheng, the party member and vice chairman of Hunan FOC, went to Xiangtan to investigate Jingdong Cloud (Xiangtan) Innovation Center, Xiangtan New Overseas Chinese Innovation Base. Liu Hui, part-time vice-chairman of Hunan FOC, Secretary of party Group and chairman of Xiangtan FOC, participated in the survey.

Sun Minsheng and his team went to the Innovation Center of Jingdong Cloud (Xiangtan) to investigate the live-broadcasting base and intelligent studio base on the spot, and then they went to two overseas Chinese enterprises that had settled in to investigate and learn about the development of new overseas Chinese enterprises in detail.

At the symposium, Sun Minsheng, after hearing the introduction of the person in charge of Jingdong Cloud (Xiangtan) Innovation Center, said that Jingdong Cloud (Xiangtan) Innovation Center was very characteristic and had done a lot of work in helping new overseas Chinese to innovate and start businesses. The FOCs should strengthen the connection and service with the innovation center, attract more high-quality overseas Chinese enterprises to "come in", and further expand and strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship base for new overseas Chinese.

Jingdong cloud (Xiangtan) innovation center is the core Jingdong Xiangtan electricity industrial park industry hatching and innovative business platform, the main breeding, hatching, service in intelligent manufacturing, food medicine, a new generation of information technology, new material, the enterprise and project of local characteristic industry and other industries, is now in overseas Chinese nine enterprises, overseas companies registered capital of 82 million yuan, is now in the declaration "new overseas Chinese innovative entrepreneurial base" in Hunan.