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Changde "CCB Overseas Chinese Home" covers the whole city

Updated:2020-08-17 15:49:46

Recently, staff from Changde FOC visited the "Overseas Chinese Home" of CCB Changde Branch.

The group visited the " Overseas Chinese Home" set up by CCB Changde Branch and the service place set up by CCB Changde Branch for overseas Chinese, and looked at the publicity materials of overseas Chinese Law put up by the "Overseas Chinese Home".

During the visit, the group and CCB Changde Branch personnel had a discussion. Relevant responsible persons of the branch publicized part of the business of CCB Changde Branch, and deepened the understanding of cadres of overseas Chinese Federation and returned overseas Chinese and their relatives on CCB's expansion of new business through on-site visits and communication.

The person in charge of Changde FOC said that it would strengthen the publicity and promotion of the business of CCB Changde Branch, and strongly support and assist CCB Changde Branch in providing services for overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese business, and overseas Chinese family members. It is hoped that overseas Chinese business association enterprises will come to CCB for communication and cooperation in batches to facilitate CCB to better understand the situation of overseas Chinese enterprises, provide more convenient and efficient financial services for overseas Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese, and contribute to the sustainable economic development of Changde city.

CCB Changde Branch established 10 "Overseas Chinese Home" in the urban area of Changde city and 9 districts, counties (cities), widely publicized policies and regulations for overseas Chinese, and provided financial products and loan policy consultation for overseas Chinese people and overseas Chinese enterprises, making it the first city or state in the province to realize the coverage of "CCB Home for Overseas Chinese". Up to now, CCB Changde Branch has contacted 41 overseas Chinese enterprises in Changde city to help solve various foreign exchange problems and loan problems.