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Liu Zhigang: Take root in the mountains

Updated:2020-08-25 16:02:53

Chitan Village, Jinzixian Town, Anren County, is a poor village in Luoxiao Mountain area. Although it has a beautiful environment and is called "Little Guilin", it is economically backward and people's life is difficult due to traffic restrictions. After blowing the horn of targeted poverty alleviation, Liu Zhigang, the leader of the poverty alleviation team in the village of Hunan FOC, took root in the mountainous area, led the local poor people step by step, launched an attack against poverty, and won one victory after another. Today, Chitan has been lifted out of poverty.

Liu Zhigang, the leader of the anti-poverty team of Hunan FOC, won praise during an investigation of front-line cadres in poverty alleviation launched in April this year.

"After poverty alleviation in the village, through interviews and research, I think that to get rid of poverty in Chitan Village, we must lay a solid foundation for party building and infrastructure construction."

In Liu's opinion, party building is the key to poverty alleviation. Only by grasping this key can we concentrate our efforts and win the victory of poverty alleviation. Therefore, as the first secretary of the General Branch of the Party in Chitan Village, Liu Zhigang spared no effort to build the "two committees" of the village. They through the system of branch life, forged a young, strong, can work at the grass-roots work team.

At the same time, Liu focused on infrastructure construction, with a focus on building roads. He told reporters that Chitan village is more than 70 kilometers away from the county seat, and the traffic problem has been the "heart" of the villagers for generations. In the past, people had to carry, carry and carry goods from home to town, it took half a day, so the harvest of crops, fruits, medicine and other difficult to cash.

The first thing the village poverty alleviation team did was to solicit villagers' opinions and suggestions on road construction. There are pros and cons, and more people are worried about where the money will come from.

In the face of all kinds of voices, Liu zhigang and his team members do the work of the villagers, while trying to win funds.

The team put great lengths in raising fund. They made full use of the advantages of the supporting unit of Hunan FOC and pooled the funds donated by overseas Chinese and successful people to build the road.

From 2017 to 2018, A total of 20.16 kilometers of roads were approved, built and hardened to reach all villages in Chitan Village, realizing the goal of "connecting all roads in a group". During this period, projects such as The Chitanxi Water Conservancy Project, the rural clean energy project, the safe drinking water project, the Village Ministry cultural, sports and leisure plaza, the greening and lighting project, and the "Happiness Hospital" were launched one after another. According to statistics, since 2015, driven by the investment of over 30 million yuan by the Overseas Chinese Federation of The Province, the infrastructure foundation of Chitan Village has been exceptionally solid.

Liu Zhigang believes that in order to pull out the root of poverty, Chitan village must develop its industry. Therefore, the general plan of the poverty alleviation team in the village is to set up the industry under the premise of reasonable and compliant use of funds, so that the village collective will have income and the poor households will have income.

After the target was determined, Liu Zhigang led the poverty alleviation team and the "two commissions" of the sub-village cadres to work hard. They use available resources to promote active employment of villagers who are able to work. At the same time, we will vigorously introduce leading enterprises to drive industrial development and increase farmers' incomes.

Good for the development of "small" guilin tourism resources, at the end of 2016, with the help of provincial federation, poverty alleviation Office, Jin Zixian eco-tourism development co., LTD. was set up to explore the "company + base + cooperative + + for poor" poverty alleviation mode of industry, and links to a total of 636 poor people, every poor personnel average annual income of 800 yuan.

Taking into account the local conditions, Chitan village has built chicken farms in Yifengyuan Villa, duck farms in Chitan Prefecture, cattle farms with 100 heads in stock, sheep farms with 150 heads, etc., bringing an annual income of 15,000 yuan to seven impoverished households. Planting 30 mu of kiwifruit, 100 mu of vegetable demonstration base, more than 300 mu of fructus aurantii, 170 mu of camellia oil, solve the poor working population employment 200 people, the average annual income of 12,000 people......

The village also makes full use of 480,000 yuan of photovoltaic power generation funds and becomes a shareholder of Anren Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Co., LTD., with guaranteed annual income of 10%. The introduction of Anren County Kangli Goose Industry Co., LTD., the village investment of 530,000 yuan, the village collective annual guarantee income of 50,000 yuan, last year the village collective economic income of 142,000 yuan.

Through several years of efforts, 158 of the 160 poverty-stricken households in Chitan village have been lifted out of poverty, and the average annual net income of farmers has reached 19,000 yuan. By 2018, the entire village will be lifted out of poverty.