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Li Weiwei panelled with Wan Lijun

Updated:2020-09-24 17:24:55

Li Weiwei, chairman of Hunan CPPCC, had a paneling meeting with Wan Lijun, chairman of China Federation of Overseas Chinese , who came to Hunan for research.

Huang Lanxiang and Tan Weihong, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the panel discussion.

During the discussion, Li thanked the China FOC for its long-term guidance and assistance to Hunan, and introduced the achievements that Hunan has made in epidemic prevention and control, flood control and disaster relief, economic and social development by implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches since this year. She said that with the care and support of the China FOC, the returned overseas Chinese and their relatives in Hunan have given full play to their role as link, and provided help in various ways for Hunan to fight against the epidemic and resume production, carry out the work of "six stability", implement the task of "six security" and win the battle against poverty. We hope that the Federation of Overseas Chinese in China will continue to care and support Hunan, build more platforms for Hunan to contact with overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese, associations and enterprises, and expand channels for Hunan to attract investment and talents.

Wan Lijun spoke highly of Hunan's achievements in epidemic prevention and control, flood control and disaster relief and poverty alleviation, and fully affirmed the important achievements made by the Federations of Overseas Chinese in Hunan. He said he would give full play to the role of a bridge to help Hunan's high-quality development.